Tuesday, February 25, 2014

UFO's Are Invading

As I'm sure most of you know UFO stands for un-finished object.  My house is filled with them.  So, I have several medium to large sized projects that are currently lying around the house.  These are probably the things that I SHOULD be working on, but aren't.  I started this checkered scarf months and months ago, and I just haven't managed to just pick it up and finish it.  I literally haven't touched it in months... yeah.
 I have been making this blanket knit in the diagonal for a friend's wedding a little bit at a time.  I knit a couple of stripes every week.  At this rate it's going to take me forever to finish.  Hopefully, it will be finished before their wedding this summer...
 This project is less important because it is just a scarf for myself to match a pair of mittens and a hat that I had knit previously.  It will most likely sit neglected in my UFO basket for a while.
 I'm making this Christmas stocking for my husband as part of his Christmas gift.  I was knitting it really enthusiastically because it was the first project that I have done where I needed to switch yarns mid-row.  Once I got past knitting his name though, it got a little dull.  I have practically the whole year to finish knitting this though, so I'm not worried.
These are only technically UFOs because I need to sew a button on each of these bibs and then they'll be done. 

So, I'm curious how many UFOs you have cluttering up your knitting space.  Do you put me to shame?  Do you have an even more cluttered UFO basket?  A UFO room?  Let me know in the comments and we'll compare notes.

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