Monday, March 17, 2014

A Quick Knit for St. Patrick's Day

I knit up this super cute clover for my hiking backpack for St. Patrick's day.  I used some green mystery yarn from my stash.  I followed the pattern here at the website cute free knit.

The original pattern is for a key chain, however it has so many potential uses.  You could make a pin out of it, or you could attach it to a larger project such as a hat.

It was a really fun knit that takes very little time, so why don't you knit one up super quick to celebrate St. Patrick's day!

Have a very happy St. Patrick's day!


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Finished the Frog Baby Set

I knit up these really baby mitts once again using the simple mitten pattern that you can find on the Ravelry website.  I have blogged about this pattern before, but this time I knit it up in green to match the frog hat and matching green booties.  I have also been working on a bulky yarn blanket as a gift for my husband.  I'll post pictures and the pattern when I finish!

Happy stitching!